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<Promotion and Marketing for Broadcasting, Cable, and the Intel>

Author: Susan Tyler Eastman, Douglas A. Ferguson, Robert A. Klein

   Promotion and Marketing are the keys for media and internet to catch and hold attention of the audiences and customers The editors of this book explore the scale and target of media promotion. And the exploration range is from the foreground of internet, local television, cable, to broadcast, including public radio. The extra chapters in the fourth version, such as internet marketing, band and completion, will make this wide-praised book more creative.
   This book discusses the internet’s widespread applications in promotion and the establishment and development of brand, bringing students and media professionals the latest theories and practice analysis. The topics of this book include: promotion for TV network and TV station; news promotion; promotion for non-commercial radio and TV; promotion and marketing for cable; syndicate promotion; global market promotion; online marketing and promotion; the ex-President and CEO of PROMAX & BDA write the new foreword for this version.

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