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"Volunteers Bank Card" Project of Agricultural Bank of China in Sichuan Province

In order to express the enterprise culture and concept of CSR of the Agricultural Bank of China, enhance visibility and social recognition of the Agricultural Bank, while provide financial services and value-added services to a large number of volunteers, and effectively strengthen the Agricultural Bank of China all-round cooperation with the Provincial Communist Youth League in Sichuan Province, Sichuan Agricultural Bank carry out a series of activities of caring volunteers while offer "Volunteers Bank Card" from April of 2008.

Event Marketing –Published some stories of Wenchuan earthquake volunteers in the local newspapers to meet the audience's psychology and cause the audience appeal while launched the activities of “Naming the Volunteers Bank Card”,called on people to care for volunteers in order to raise the image of Sichuan Agricultural Bank of China.
Media promoting–In order to generate more interest in and understanding of this events, We issued press news, online advertising, dossier on Dachen site and QQtips AD, it guaranteed that our target audience could find out the each day progress of the activities.

As high as 370,000 people concerned this activities and the number of naming cards up to 3,000 people in just 10 days, our clients was satisfied with the result.

Volunteers Bank Card

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