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3Kou Branding/3Kou Films

"Weekly Radio and TV News" and "Shanghai TV" magazine (hereinafter referred to as " A Newspaper, A Publication ") is the main media Publications of Shanghai TV information, which is publilished by SMG. " A Newspaper, A Publication" project plan to release a series of new versions, so they need promotion work and let readers know what are they going to do with their traditional advantages and developing schedules before strating subscription and investment events in 2007, in order to increase sales and subscription.

"weekly radio and TV News" has a history of 5 decades, family subscription is mainly customers in publicity, we design a new slogan: "serve the public, imagine life", produce the promo with gentle rhythms of life and scenes as the main element, not only highlighted its layout and adjustment of the content, but also stressed its change of increasing massive information for living service for citizens and urban family.
Readers of "Shanghai TV" is younger and prefer entartainment content, we designed the slogan as "Celebrities King, Entertain first” and expressed it with celebrities` faces and fast-paced melody in terms of a very clear entertrainment style.
ct the image as a prominent Movie Star Focus, with, the prominent entertainment properties.

"new" and "change" deeply impressed the old subscribers, also attract more potential readers to become new subscribers.