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In 2005, Foshan television made an overall adjustment, having mergered Nanhai TV and Shunde TV into the previous Foshan TV. Nanhai TV changed into Nanhai Channel of Foshan TV, mainly reporting urban information and programs of city life.
Nanhai Channel had already had very good characteristics of city style and had a large number of programs about city life. However, after the overall adjustment, the channel image and the value advocated by the channel had to be re-established.

Foshan was a city with strong economy and history background, but was lack of the modern lifestyle. Nanhai Channel played an "advocacy" role, making people enjoy life and the city be better in the atmosphere of good economic conditions and nice humanity.
The value advocated by the channel was presented by the series movements and activities of people. It starred from the people and gradually extended to the city, street and to every corner.

After the overall package, the image of Nanhai Channel got to be very prominent and attracted a good amount of audience. The audience re-recognized the channel and had an outstanding impression on it.

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