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3Kou Branding/3Kou Films

Nanchong TV Station hope to build a new image in terms of making overall rebranding and it had three channels that were Nanchong News channel, Nanchong Public channel and Nanchong Science channel.

News Channel demands: Know first, Move first
Through "The Prophet (arrow) + First (movement pattern)" import, and strengthen the audience for news channel of awareness, and thus establish a channel to locate and identify the concept of " Know first, Move first " and establishing fast information to convey, in-depth coverage and accuracy, novel ideas, enhance channel identification mechanism and enhance the channel's "professional" brand image. So that channel closer to the facts, the masses, so that channel location and program content to achieve a close fit, from content to the concept of the brand system.
Public channel demands: Concern life Service living
Water has become our creative flashpoint based on Jialing River civilization. By "water (of life nourishment) + state of motion (concren of living)" import, and strengthen the audience's perception of public channels and thus establish a channel to locate and identify the concept.
Science and Education Channel demands: Experience your life
By "Kaleidoscope (colorful life) + Movement (perception process)" established a platform of their traditional culture and local culture to communicate and disseminate the concept of "feel good fun in life", composition content and conceptual blend of the brand system.

Established a new identification system so that the image of the channel stand out, it was more influential and attracted the audience.

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