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3Kou Branding/3Kou Films

The First Family Channel of Zhejiang TV was launched in 1993. The channel owned high ratings in the local audience, but it lacked the concept and positioning of
Branding, and the identification is not strong. The channel stated to rebrand in the
16th anniversary of the establishment.

slogan: Heart Feeling of Happiness ( 是否用Happy Feeling from Heart?)
Through importing the slogan "Heart Feeling of Happiness" to establish a close
contact between audiences and the channel, then strengthen the channel's brand positioning. Through the various styles of the ID for hosts & programs and image
promo of channel, the audience can understand the host, programs and channel's positioning, and it narrowed the distance between the channel and audiences.

We made a new identification system to improve the identification and make
channel's image stand out in numerous local channels. It also gave the audience a better understanding of channel's brand positioning. The new serial of ID for hosts & programs reflected the unique personality of each host and program content.

Video Package