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3Kou Branding/3Kou Films

Project description:
Sichuan TV channel women and children, the professional channel that targets women and children with a distinct position and accurate audience, has inherent advantages of competition in the local channel. This channel has been emotional depth concern to women, career, etc. since launching, it positively affects women's attitude of life. In addition, new children's programs have also been launched ,guide the vision of the future.

In 2010, we are looking for fun!
In 2011, we release the joy!
This year's Channel slogan is: show beauty,release happy. This is obviously a further explanation that based on last year's slogan in order to fully demonstrate the pursuit of content channels, also demonstrate the channel's appeal to the audience.
In terms of the spread of brand point, it is more rich and diverse than last year in because of being close to life, tastes, and both emotional communication, it can spread happiness!

Performance Evaluation:
The overall package for consecutive two years, Sichuan TV channel women and children has become a distinctive style of the mainstream media in Sichuan, and strongly printed an unique label of itself, completely out of the previous ambiguous brand positioning.

Video Package