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Public Channel is a comprehensive terrestrial channel and the brand identity is "Public, Community, Trust", covers the entire 21 cities of Sichuan province and provide exciting film, news, science programs, education programs, entertainment live shows.
Having been launching for three years, this is the first time to seek a branding solution. The channel more broadcast a costume drama. In addition, we found that many Public Channels` positioning are more confusing, some of them are actually news channels, some of them are entertainment channels. Therefore, how to positioning the Sichuan TV public channel, is also a challenge for us.

First, we analysis "public" and re-defined it: on the one hand it should be more inclusive and diversity as well as friendly and relaxed, on the other hand, it should have advisory services and mainstream information dissemination functions as an integrated broadcast platform. Therefore, we figure out an new branding strategy in terms of particular geographical and local culture:
Public resources in Sichuan - Sichuan folk culture: Chuanxi Residential, Blue sky and red pepper
Sichuanese - Sichuanese representatives: host, celebrities
Sichuan - Public Channel: ID and visual system

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