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3Kou Branding/3Kou Films

   January 2010, Kunming TV upgrade and facelift for the new public channel, "Spring City Channel" (KMTV-6), to "people living close to the livelihood of most news channels" for their own position, expect to be trusted in Kunming most people's livelihood News Channel.

the solution
   3KOU around the channel position and aspirations, and work out the "most Kunming" brand, which aims to channel to create the "most Kunming TV channel." Visual elements in terms of packaging extract, or from the ID, the creation of commercials, have sought to achieve "the most Kunming" effect. Green (Spring City), petals (flowers), the landmark of Kunming (Jinma Bi chicken, Dianchi Lake, Green Lake Park, ... ...) channels everywhere are "the most Kunming" perspective to the performance of life style, to "most of Kunming," the feeling to put into public good, "most of Kunming," the image appears in the TV screen! Attempt to create the most close to the news audience, the most sincere service, most local culture. 3KOU and the channel together to create "the most Kunming," the concept of brand, it is also designed for the Spring City National first set of channels to green the predominant color to the petals as the main visual element of the set of TV packaging, to the Spring City left a deep impression on the audience .

put in effect
   "Here comes a new revision of Kunming television appearance of the" Spring City Channel ", with a breath of spring, with" sincere and caring "service people, people's livelihood, to the audience in a fresh surprise. ... ... Kunming people joke that "That" Green (LU) of the green (LU) of the channel is 6 sets, and easy to remember! "

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