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3Kou Branding/3Kou Films

February 2010, Kunming TV upgrade and facelift for the new TV channel "fifth channel" (KMTV-5), in order to "fit the whole family to watch the video channel" for its own position, hoping to become the most Kunming favorite TV viewers channel.

the solution
3KOU around the Channel slogan: "the fifth channel, family fun!" As the core packaging concept to represent the overall package for the happy orange main colors, and in order to distinguish it from traditional TV channel packaging, 3KOU further well-designed for the fifth channel a "5" on the cute mascot, named "Five baby." The channel from the column, ratings, LOGO deduction, then ID and videos, by the five baby and it brings a series of lovely strung behavior, and also designed a special recognition channel music, this created a domestic new model of TV channel packaging.

put in effect
   The fifth channel and five baby has been introduced by Kunming audience discussion and consensus favorite. Channel packaging identify whether or mascot from five baby, gave the audience left a deep impression. Channel ratings have significantly improved, many viewers can easily read channel singing music from the fifth channel identification.

Video Package