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Hubei Jingshi Channel,which is one of the top 10 local channels in China,has a wide range of visibility and influence in Hubei province. The anchors and hosts of the Channel are well known by the local people.
In 2011, Hubei Jingshi Channel invited us to rebrand the channel, strengthening its leading position, and showing the core concept, “Be With You, Heart To Heart”.

At the beginning of design, we made it clear that, the anchors and hosts, which are the most important brand value for the channel, should be the important elements for the total package of rebranding,being used in the information system design and the image promo. At the same time, we adopt a dynamic and creative hand-painted graphic style as the main art style, putting the image of some landmark in Hubei into the total package design, to reflect the tone and manner, which is easy and joyful. We also put the heart-shaped motion graphics as a secondary element of the total package, visually echoing the Channel’s slogan: Be With You, Heart To Heart.

The rebrand campaign of Hubei Jingshi Channel launched on March 18, 2011, and got a good feedback from the audience.

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