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2013 Xinjiang TV Rebranding

In 2012, 3Kou Branding cooperated with Beijing Richsoul Culture Communication Co., Ltd to complete Xinjiang TV 2013 Rebranding Project.

Xinjiang TV was established in 1970. It is the first satellite channel in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and an important news media in the region.

For the better publicity and promotion to itself, in 2012 Xinjiang TV made a new rebranding plan,aiming to show Xinjiang's plenty cultural characteristics, unique ethnic elements and the new look of the developing Xinjiang to the domestic audience.

Based on the bright colors of Xinjiang TV's new logo, we used a rhythm concept, that is from dots to lines to surface, to create a unique visual magic for the logo animation by changing the lens angle. Starting from the shape of the logo, it forms a multi-form surface. The surface can transform a variety of Xinjiang Typical landforms which can be a platform to show Xinjiang's landscapes, customs and cultures. And it does stand for Xinjiang TV.
The new information system takes the Silk Road as the core concept,and the movement is like silk waving. The core concept also was reflected in the graphic designs for news programs. The packaging elements combine with the layouts of news programs, making the entire visual system more uniform and perfect.

The plenty colors and the concept of the Silk Road established a unified brand identity, enhanced the uniqueness of Xinjiang TV, and brought a fresh feeling to the audience.

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