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Zhejiang Satellite TV is the national ranking of satellite channels, in August 2008 launched the "China Blue" to new ideas and play "Zhejiang TV, China Blue" slogan, and soon the new brand image on a compelling, winning a good viewing returns. To further elaborate the concept of China Blue, in 2009 again channels the brand recognition to strengthen further increase China Blue's propaganda.

Demands: Blue unbounded, since throughout much!
Through the concept of China Blue comb to find the "blue is a kind of quality and state", we learned from the Chinese culture to explore their cultural roots and, therefore, positioned channel image advertising: China's cultural roots and the quality of the blue realm, to reflect the soul of the blue, the quality of the blue, blue ocean of the blue, south of the blue, the blue planet and show tolerance rather broad, the extraordinary and quiet, tough and indifferent in mood.

By integration of Chinese culture, brand identity system, extended and enriched the connotation of Chinese blue, so that the audience is more receptive to and understanding the essence of channels.

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