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3Kou Branding/3Kou Films

At the end of 2005, Shanghai SMG Media Group invited 3KOU to create new audio brand packaging for four major radio frequency of SMG (Shanghai People's Broadcasting Station, the East-News, the Oriental radio and Shanghai Jiaotong Broadcasting), and it was launched at the new year`s day of 2006.

Our team re-positioning of the four radio station`s identification and the image of them, we planned new broadcast format to meet the Broadcast News Centre`s demands and invited senior musicians both from Beijing and Shanghai, submitted narly 100 works, which included call sign (5 seconds and 10 seconds), ID (10 seconds version), image promos(20 seconds and 30 seconds), promos of different programs(30 seconds) , and so on.

The brand new broadcast format is much more scientific and effective, and the new packaging with fresh style absolutely met the new positioning, so that the re-appearancing four SMG Radio won widely praise at 06 New Year's Day when it was launched for first time.

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