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    In the January of 2009,  the perfectual government office and Chinese Community Party of Wenchuan presented a banner to appreciate that 3Kou Branding helped Wenchuan people from disaster, and rescued and protected the Qiang culture.

    On 15th of Jan 2008, 3Kou Branding signed the cooperation agreement to produce a documentary for propagandize the Qiang Culture with perfectual government office of Wenchuan and Aba Teachers College.

Unfortunately, the disaster happened on 12th of May forced us to terminate this project. However, 3Kou Branding spared no effort to provided lots of support to Wenchuan people and the government. 3Kou Branding built a website and co-operate with other famous media to publish the photos and news about Qiang Culture, and plan a thanksgiving party in Wenchuan for free. 

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